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Mary Pickford by Harris & Ewing


AAAHHHH gelli baff!
you know you can get a colour-change one now..?

What is this???? I need it!!!!

Corinne Griffith in The Divine Lady (1929)


Dyed over the strawberry blonde with blue. Hopefully it fades nicely 💙☺️

D-Day !

Today is a very important day for me, i’m so stress that i want to cry since the minute i opened my eyes, my stomach is so hurtful and my body is like asleep…

I have an appointement for the job center. Not my job center that i used to go, an another one, in an another town.

I’d decided to not tell my parents about that, i want to make them a surprise, like “oh you see i can do something on my own, i’m am not useless at all”. To make they proud of me, only one time in their life.

I don’t know if i will be able to do it without anxiety attacks, puke, spanking my head above a wall or anything else, but i want to believe that i can do it, like a “normal person"…

Since 2-3 years i tried to avoid ALL situation of stress, and i’ve arrive to a point that i don’t go out of my room anymore or very rarely, and especially alone, i know that i can’t live my all life like that, my parents are old, 60 yo for my mum and 64 yo for my dad, i can’t live at their side all my life, they have so many problems, they have the rights to live as they want, and not to stay at home because their 25 yo-daughter is unable to have a job, to see friends, to go out… Have my proper life !

I feel so sorry for them to had a daughter like me.

SO this D-Day for me, However things eventually turn out I NEED TO SUCCESS THIS GOAL !

And if i can’t…. i think it will be the most disappointment of my life and i don’t know what i am going to do…… certainly a big mistake…. a big call of help

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